Based on AI. technology, multi-protection, we have kept hundreds of billions assets for users.there has never been a technical security incident.
Easy to use
The logic is simple and easy to understand, and the silk slide experience is the best.
To open up
Perfect combination of ideal reality, docking multi service, rich application scenarios. Block chain world, one step away from you.
Token Store Wallet
The world is turning to blockchain, but i's not easy to explore. We work hard to make "Token Store" as the key to your new world.
Token store function and business overview
· Storing multiple digital assets
· Alfa dog AI
· Exchange of bricks and carry arbitrage system
· Block chain technology
· Digital Monetary Fund and futures option
· Global business block chain ecosystem
AlphaGo move brick arbitrage
Automatically identify the volume, activity, and spread of the world's major trading platforms. It will buy at a low price on the A platform for the first time, sell at a high price on the B platform, and automatically arbitrage 24 hours a day, regardless of the rise or fall. The income is stable, safe and reliable! One day with the market fluctuations, even up to 10% of the arbitrage revenue! The monthly income of the platform can reach 40% to 80%, when the high, double the monthly income!
BTC and ETH futures options
According to the trading of BTC/ETH market, AlphaGo buys ups and sell downs with two-way leverage operation, zooms in 10 times to 100 times leverage, and operates 24 hours and 365 days without interruption. Each transaction is calculated in milliseconds, accurate prediction, and Harvesting the global BTC/ETH market, you can make huge profits regardless of the ups/downs, and cross the bulls and bears with the retail investors to create an increadiable Money Maker!
TSY currency advantage
TSY is the certificate issued by the Token store wallet. It is the representative of all the rights and interests of the wallet. It has a constant circulation of 720 million,very little circulation, no borders, decentralization, and de-politicization. TSY as the Token store wallet ecosystem cryptocurrency, a platform cryptocurrency, is based on the principle of all wallet ecosystem application, to build a multi-functional application scenario for the wallet, connecting the transaction, exchange, circulation channels of the legal currency and other digital assets. TSY is the hub of the entire wallet ecosystem

Hot Reports
Token Store smart wallet online!
Token Store smart money purse is officially launched. Support BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, XRP, DASH and other main chain and ERC20 certificate of storage, exchange and transaction.
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Bringing block chain technology to a comeback and soaring share prices
Recently, another big news hit the block chain circle, Kodak announced to enter the block chain industry, Kodak launched a surprising product - Bitcoin Miner, Kodak as a 130-year-old film giant launched such a product unexpected to everyone. Now let’s take a look at this kind of mine introduced by Kodak.
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Btc38 founder: future block chain technology will be widely applied.
This phenomenon also requires national policy control to maintain market stability. At the same time, block chain technology has been used in many areas of our lives, such as banks and other business areas. The application of block chain technology has come to the ground.
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Google AlphaGo strong enter block chain
As the second largest investor in block chain, Google’s Alpha Go technology team has already deployed block chain for the first time to apply Alpha Go artificial intelligence technology to digital asset arbitrage system. After preliminary tests, AlphaGo’s ability of in-depth learning and self-evolution makes it far more efficient than other intelligent arbitrage systems.
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Google AlphaGo strong march into the block chain Alfa dog retired, the strongest
Alpha Go announced its retirement in May after winning Chinese chess player Kejie 3-0, but DeepMind did not stop studying. In London local time October 18th, the DeepMind team announced the strongest version of AlphaGo, code AlphaGo Zero. Its unique secret is "learning by oneself". Moreover, from a blank sheet of paper, zero based learning has become the top player in just 3 days.
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